Life is real not just virtual

With all human interactions shifting to an online mode it is time to ask a simple question-are we becoming overly dependent on technology?

Technology, since its inception into our lives has fascinated us. And as time progresses, mankind is advancing in the field of technology. Things that were perceived as impossible in the last ten years are a reality now. Technology has indeed entrenched itself into the minds and hearts of the human race and is an intrinsic part of our nature and habits.
However too much of everything is a bad thing. The remorseful reality that we witness now is that, while earlier we were technology enthusiasts today (particularly after the pandemic hit us) we have turned into junkies. There is no denying the fact that we are dependent on technology because of the era we live in. However, that does not give us the reason to state, 'we need it every five minutes of our lives'.
Moreover misuse of anything can cause adverse repercussions and affect our lives. It is the same with technology. Subsequent to the outbreak of the pandemic, the entire world has been locked down for almost 5-6 months. Given our basic social nature, we human beings have found ways of remaining connected to our loved ones during these lockdowns and extended periods of social distancing through various technology aided communication platforms. But the flip side is we have become complacent with these communication modes and without a majority of us realizing it, we are alas and indeed loosing the need to communicate in person. After all now we have the liberty to talk on the phone, chat on the phone or even video call without meeting anyone in person. These accessibilities have given us virtual confidence and taken away our own confidence and sociable characters.
Technology has given us virtual confidence and taken away our actual confidence and sociable characters.
Over dependence on technological gadgets for daily chores too has the definite repercussion of making us lazy and often unthinking.
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Fortunately it is not hard to balance our normal life and the life which technology provides. We should foresee technology as a blessing and not as a drug. We should learn to accept it and not abuse it. We must always keep in mind that we are made of flesh and bones and just as our eyes cannot resist the screen; it needs the exact same time to stay off the screen. It is vital to be smart and active both in the virtual and the real world. In a nutshell we need to use technology as a catalyst to achieve something and not let it achieve us.
The sad reality is that we become addicts and junkies with whatever gives us short - lived pleasure. Therefore, to stay ahead of the game, be in the game; but always put your visions towards the finish line. To demystify this line technology is the game and our inherent purpose in life marks the finish line.

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