Let us seriously get talking on health now

And I am happy to tell you that that we have set the ball rolling in the past weeks.

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
In my editorial capacity, I hope that our selection of stories last week ranging from an in-depth feature on suicide rates in the north eastern region, an expert analysis on the changing faces of healthcare in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and one on the future of medicine in India have tickled your grey cells.
Healthcare is a comprehensive entity that is intrinsically related to humanity. For I believe (and so would you) that an inclusive health ecosystem that addresses both physical and mental wellbeing is one of the fundamental and foremost prerequisites of a developed society, state or nation. Yes I am stating the obvious because it is now time for this obvious truth to be reiterated so that there is an unprecedented impetus on the entire ecosystem of health and wellness from you and me.
Governments, NGOs, private entrepreneurs, medical professionals and wellness experts are undoubtedly striving to bring positive and sweeping changes to healthcare in our region. While implementation and strategy lies largely on them, they cannot achieve much if you and I do not adopt a participative approach. It is our collective responsibility to make North East India self-sufficient and robust in terms of health and wellness and the least that we can do is equip ourselves with the right information and views so that we can take responsible decisions that will ultimately translate to a healthier society.
This is exactly what Fit NorthEast envisages. In the coming weeks and months we shall not restrict ourselves to just the written word to equip you with information and researched/credible views. We shall be exploring some interactive formats because we have a simple need- we want to hear you. For as an editor I believe that journalism is a two way process and that content should never be divorced from the pulse of readers.
At Fit Northeast we strive to generate awareness on the not so obvious issues within healthcare too. For instance last week, our article on rising instances of alcohol and drug abuse was a case in point. The possible hazards and outcomes of planning a pregnancy was another such quick read.
The week ahead will see a unique off-beat feature on mental health, an informative piece on the reality of health insurance, a detailed follow-up on the Tripura High Court's hearing on the (allegedly) sub-optimal COVID care infrastructure at GB Pant Hospital and an article on the nexus of organised crime in the pharmaceutical industry.
Well this is definitely not all- for we shall have many more articles along with a surprise section this week. So stay tuned and read a little of Fit NorthEast everyday in your journey towards a healthier tomorrow.

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