Let's ink the first chapters of a healthier year

Happy and healthy 2021 to all our readers…

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
At the outset let me begin by wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2021. This is incidentally the first year of a fresh decade too; hopefully a decade where there is greater awareness and understanding around health and wellness. Frankly it would be premature and unrealistic to pronounce health goals for the entire decade or even the current year. After all the pandemic has taught us how truly uncertain existence itself is.

However, we can definitely resolve to take a more holistic view of the term health. Good health is definitely not an assurance that comes from medicines or access to expert health specialists and medical interventions. It also does not come only from exercises, preventive measures or even good nutritious food. Health is inextricably connected to our mental wellbeing, the level and depth of our connection to nature and our overall spiritual awareness.

This realization has already started among some sections of people and we at Fit Northeast believe that health journals and health specific media channels should consistently and comprehensively reiterate this understanding among the masses.

Going forward research on virology needs an interdisciplinary focus. Simultaneously there should be a focused scientific attempt at understanding 'why' and 'how' new diseases have broken out at several junctures of human history. This research could probably help to identify certain patterns that in turn can eventually lead to a more formidable defense from the global medical fraternity.

The governments especially in developing countries should look at making health care (particularly medicines and treatment procedures of acute life threatening diseases) far more affordable than it is today. These are some of the tipping points of the macro picture of global healthcare in this brand new decade.

We at Fit Northeast begin this year by focusing on some pertinent articles, which we hope shall spark a tiny beginning in the right direction. Dry runs of vaccination and an analysis on what to preempt from the new variant that is notoriously doing the rounds in UK, Australia and many other countries are definitely subjects that we cannot afford to miss informing you about. Well some of us have also been over thinking about the side effects of the vaccination. Incidentally some have even wondered: If I choose to refuse the vaccine shot and later contract COVID shall I be denied access to doctors in government hospitals? Well despair not for we shall strive to bring you the answers that are closest to the truth.

An exclusive feature on sports medicine and features that scientifically explain how our mind decodes and internalizes our own verbal pronouncements (that in turn impact our mental health positively or negatively) shall be some of the highlights in the first week of this year.

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