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<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
This is the last editorial of the year and decade and because it is in the domain of healthcare it has volumes to say for obvious reasons. However, I shall focus on the aspects that require immediate and urgent attention in the coming year and decade.

Yes it is vaccination against Covid 19 and all the freshly emerging variants of the virus that need to be accorded foremost priority. Yet at a parallel vein the medical fraternity should also understand that the vaccine is probably not a full proof insulation against the future (possible) mutations of the virus. Consequently there should be formidable and considerable investment on research in the domain of virology world over.

Narrowing the focus to the Indian subcontinent, we need a much greater investment on healthcare and its allied services. Health insurance policies too need to be made available to a much larger percentage of the Indian population at very nominal charges. Moreover, the range of diseases and infirmities covered under these healthcare policies should be substantially increased and determined by actual ground realities (meaning data pertaining to the rising incidence of established and new diseases).

Needles to say, there should be a pronounced emphasis in terms of investment in telemedicine and in this regard it is probably a good idea to allow private-public partnerships. The government should set up telemedicine training institutes/centres within medical colleges. Training of paramedics is also of paramount importance. The pandemic at one important level has reiterated the importance of individual responsibility/onus in terms of health and wellness. Therefore there should be a subject on general healthcare awareness and mental wellness in all schools and colleges too.

Hospitals and nursing homes dedicated to geriatric care and for the differently-abled (both physically and mentally) need to be established in every state and district. Mental health should be accorded the same seriousness like physical health. Curriculums for training aspiring mental health professionals (both counselors and psychiatrists) need to be upgraded so that the subjects/topics are relevant in the context of the emerging complexities of social life.

Last but definitely not the least there should be more research on terminal diseases like renal dysfunction, cancer etc. In the coming year we shall focus on developments (and existing and emerging perspectives) in each of these fields and much more.

In conclusion I would like to say that Team Fit Northeast wishes you a safe, happy and healthy year ahead and that we fervently hope that you continue to trust us as your partner in good health and wellness.

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