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<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
The coming week shall see us grappling with some matter of fact concerns in healthcare and wellness.

Now with the pandemic gradually ebbing in India and people getting restless to restart their social life with gusto, conversations around the vaccine are indeed becoming the flavor of the day. While some questions on the efficacy are being raised on the other hand many want to know the exact specifics in terms of vaccine rollout and the broad modus operandi of the government in relation to the upcoming vaccination drives. Some of these concerns shall be attempted through our articles in the coming week.

Incidentally during the pandemic, telemedicine has become a big sector within healthcare. However, there are not enough trained telehealth care workers. So how will this challenge be addressed and what is the government and private sector going to do moving forward? What are the steps that they are taking already to improve supply of telehealth care professionals? We bring you an exclusive analytical article on this pertinent subject.

WHO is now advising against the use of Remdesvir in COVID cases. The fact is all along WHO has been giving very conflicting statements from ICMR and other premium healthcare bodies. Also many times they have backtracked on their claims. Have you ever wondered why this 'disconnect' has been frequently occurring? We attempt to answer this and some allied concerns.

In the coming weeks we shall also focus on women empowerment and the art and craft industry of the north eastern states and a beginning shall be made this week.
People seldom understand the difference between quarantine and isolation and consequently this confusion is leading to serious repercussions. We shall be talking to you a few health experts and helping you understand the exact differences between the two terms so that you can insulate yourself better from the virus or recover faster from it.

Health and wellness are our twin focuses and within wellness we shall bring you a couple of exclusive features including a unique unconventional take on sibling rivalry. With the onset of the year end festive season road rage and drunken driving too become unfortunate realities. We attempt to sensitize the masses, particularly the youth in relation to this issue through a comprehensive feature article.

So stay tuned to this space and keep reading and encouraging us…

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