Let's go with the flow

For there are pressing new questions to be tackled in the days and weeks ahead

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
The upcoming chapters of India's healthcare ecosystem are laced in uncertainty. While on one hand the Prime Minister is taking stock of the preparedness in terms of vaccine roll out on the other hand some people are discussing the possible ramifications of the vaccine.

Will the developing countries including India face a backlash if the developed countries have a monopoly over the vaccine market? Who will get the first vaccine shots? Will there be a second or even third wave of COVID? Will herd immunity set in at all and if yes how and when? These are a bunch of questions that are awaiting answers as the next chapters unfurl.

Some alarming news too is surfacing with WHO advising against the use of remdesivir. On a parallel vein the other alarming (and perhaps more) news is about the unprecedented surge of covid cased in some states and cities. Since fatalities too have surged in these places, one wonders if the second wave could be deadlier.

Moreover, as winter is setting in, cold countries are again reeling against a fresh onslaught of the virus. What exactly is the co-relation of the coronavirus and freezing temperatures? At our end, in the coming week, we shall attempt to answer a few of these questions by assimilating facts and informed views.

Mental wellbeing has always been a pronounced focus of Fit Northeast and in the coming week we shall offer our readers a couple of articles, which we hope shall expand their definition of mental wellness. So keep reading and keep engaging by way of your feedback and comments.

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