'Let it Go' and Achieve Freedom of Mind

As we celebrate the 75th Independence Day today we remember our freedom fighters with high sense of gratitude

<strong>Dr Rani Pathak Das</strong> - Guest Editor
Dr Rani Pathak Das - Guest Editor
Today is a very special day for all of us as the nation has completed the 75th year of its Independence. Only those who have experienced can tell us what it feels to become independent after being ruled by outside powers for many years. Now we are proud to live in an independent country only for the sacrifice of our great freedom fighters. Today we remember them with high sense of respect as we celebrate the Independence Day.
Many a times we feel that our mind, even if it wishes, is not independent of lots of people / things / events that surround us. This leads to pain and suffering and we just feel helpless about it. This situation reminds me of the story of catching a monkey. As you drop a handful of nuts in a pot with a narrow opening the monkey comes and puts its hand into the pot, grabs the nuts, then he finds it difficult to get his fist out of the pot. If the monkey just lets the nuts go out of its fist, it can free its hand and escape. But he won't do that since his feelings are attached to the nuts. This explains beautifully how the feelings of attachment trap us in relationships, habits and addictions. But if we let our attachment go, we can manage to get rid of our worries, resentment and tendency to criticize. Even in the Bhagavad Gita, the practice of detachment is wonderfully explicit when Krishna tells Arjuna to keep on doing his karma (duty / work) with a sense of detachment and never to worry about the results -  success or failure. This is how to achieve the freedom of mind.
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