Let it be a spring of health and wellness

Know the pulse of this sector for the coming seasons

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
The first stirrings of spring are visible and it should augur positive and fresh beginnings in health and wellness too.

Well for starters, as we all know the Union Budget has just been announced. We therefore bring you a piece on key takeaways for the health sector by way of the Union Budget

India is in the process of developing seven more vaccines as the health ministry feels that depending on just two vaccines is not enough. So what are some of the logistic and practical considerations on the basis of which this decision is being taken? What do medical experts feel about this decision? Do they think that too many vaccines in the market might complicate the vaccination process? We bring you answers from our seniormost correspondent.

Now some vaccines are ineffective against certain virus strains. For instance the Oxford vaccine is less effective against the South African strain. In this case researchers have to update the vaccine during ongoing vaccination drives. And obviously this is a challenging situation. What do medical experts think in relation to this issue? How can this situation be prevented across countries? Stay tuned to receive some interesting insights and facts.

Need some food for thought? We bring you a couple of evocative pieces on the popular traditional cuisines and beverages of two north eastern states. Also know the rationale behind the Sikkim Government's decision to introduce 11 local languages in school curriculums.

Well Valentine's Day is around the corner. And this special day of love has confusing and sometimes even painful connotations for some. Therefore we shall try to provide a little perspective, which we hope shall lighten all of us and enable each one of us to take this day in its proper essence and spirit.

Last but definitely not the least, an article on the importance of sex education in schools and colleges, another on the importance of positive thinking and visualization in terms of realizing life goals and an article on the magical and transformative properties of essential oils are all slated for this week.

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