Know the most potent tool to defeat the pandemic

This phase is remarkably challenging for everyone but we can make it easy by making our mental health sound

Covid 19 has somewhere cause disturbances in all our lives. Even though we all know and realize what is to be done, we nevertheless, at times, miss out on some things. That is because more than our health, Covid has attacked our minds.
Every day, we keep on hearing so many facts and myths regarding covid. We often fall into deep confusions sometimes and end up doing something that may be harmful to us.
In order to deal with such an issue, professor of cardiology, Dr Mohit Gupta, suggests to us the first primary thing is the early recognition of Covid. The first step towards prevention is early diagnosis and staying alert. Patients must try to keep themselves as much as they can.
Any symptoms like excessive tiredness and irregular breathing should immediately receive quick medical attention without wasting time. Even the slightest flu and cough are not be taken lightly. Our negligence might bring danger to our near and dear ones as it spreads very rapidly.
The first thought after waking up should be gratitude followed by meditation for a while. A positive mind today will lead to a positive and healthy life ahead.
Once one is diagnosed with covid, he/she is either put into isolation or in the hospital where they go through various mental stress or feel lonely and depressed as their regular and active routine somewhere breaks.
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In this context, motivational speaker and religious teacher BK Shivani had to say that to heal the body. It is primarily significant to repair and check the mental state of an individual. The mind is the first who faces the situation. She says that every positive thought we make affects our body, so it is notably necessary to keep repeating positive affirmations in our mind along with the actions we perform. For example, in this covid time, every time we clean our hands, we should mentally repeat that all will be well as I am observing safety protocols. Unnecessary fear and panic should not be created.
There is a tremendous power of collective thoughts. So we should try to send positive thoughts to all those people who are fighting with Covid, who is working as the frontline workers and to all the family members of the patients. This positive vibration will promote peace of mind while further making us more emotionally and mentally stronger.
People must involve themselves in reading positive books, listening to positive news, do things that give them happiness to fill their mind with positivity. Every thought must be positive. One should pay particular attention to the diet as the diet which we eat directly affects the mind. What we consume and how we consume has great significance. Food must be prepared in the name of God so that the pure vibration of the feeling heals the person who eats it. Even the vibration that food and water carry impacts our mind to a great extend.
The first thought after waking up should be gratitude, followed by meditation for a while. A positive mind today will lead to a positive and healthy life ahead.

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