It is definitely wise to invest in good health

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<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise: taking cues from this timeless adage the health conscious and healthcare providers and experts have indeed reflected and experimented on a plethora of habits, daily rituals and regimes that augment human health and wellness. In the coming week, through a couple of feature articles we shall strive to give you an insight on some interesting and offbeat rituals.

Some thinkers believe that time is a seamless and composite entity because the past is invariably connected to the present and the future is a manifestation of the present. I believe that this reasoning has profound relevance in healthcare and medicine as all clinical trials and research work in medicine draw from theories and findings of the past.

Therefore it helps to know about the origin of terms and concepts that are really the DNA of the healthcare system. It is with this understanding that we shall bring you an overview of the pharmaceutical industry (that really is the lifeblood of healthcare) in the coming week.

Digitalization has multiple impacts on healthcare and is in the process of revolutionizing the health ecosystem and delivery/treatment techniques. Digital health records are one fast emerging concept and our senior and seasoned journalist from Arunachal Pradesh shall bring you a comprehensive feature on its importance and implications.

In the week gone by we had an offbeat take on mental wellness during the ongoing festive season. You may wonder why we consciously take an unconventional perspective on mental health issues. Well the answer is simple: we want you to think beyond the straitjacketed parameters of mental health. After all, this field has only started to evolve now and there can be no definite answers yet.

Moreover, mental disposition is as unique as a person's fingerprint and hence we believe that all mental health issues and challenges need diverse and multiple approaches and perspectives. Do watch out for yet another offbeat feature in the coming week.

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