ICMR simplifies Covid testing rules: Know-how

Keeping in view the catastrophe by the second wave, ICMR brings to the people a Covid testing kit that can easily be used by anyone at their homes themselves

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued an advisory for Covid-19 home testing using the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kit. The name of the kit is CoviSelfTM (Patho Catch) Covid-19 OTC Antigen LF device. This test kit is manufactured by Mylab Discovery Solution Ltd. The sample needed for the testing can be withdrawn from the nose as a nasal swab.
For this, the users have to get the kit. In the kit, there is a user manual which has all the instruction along with the details of the app which verifies the result of the test. The app can either be downloaded from the google play store or the apple store.
In addition to that instruction manual, the kit contains a buffer container that has the liquid that reacts with the swab and gives the result. Then there is the swab stick, the testing slide and a bio pouch for safe disposal after the kit is used.
To use the kit, hands are to be washed and dried. Then take out the instruction manual and get the registration done. Then carefully take out the buffer container which contains the liquid.
Then tap the tube slowly on a flat surface so that the liquid settles in the bottom of the tube. Next, take out the swab stick from its pouch. Inset only 3 to 4 centimetres into each nostril and roll for 5 times.
Then pull out the stick from the nostril, directly put it into the buffer container and roll it 10 times in the liquid in the buffer container. Then break the swab stick at the breakage point to avoid contamination. Close the lid of the buffer container and let the solution mix. Then pour 2 drops of the solution into the testing slide/kit.
ICMR on Wednesday issued an advisory for Covid-19 home testing using the Rapid Antigen Test Kit. The name of the kit is CoviSelfTM (Patho Catch) Covid-19 OTC Antigen LF device
The C line will appear which denotes that the test was done successfully. After 7 minutes, a T line will appear. If the C and T line appears, it confirms that it is Covid positive. If the T line does not appear even after 15 minutes, it means that it is negative. There is an automatic alarm that rings after 15 minutes of the test.
CoviSelfTM (Patho Catch) Covid-19 OTC Antigen LF device.
Image: CoviSelfTM (Patho Catch) Covid-19 OTC Antigen LF device.
If no line appears, it means that the test is invalid or has not been successfully carried out. After the test is conducted, all the components are to be put in the bio disposable pouch and sealed before disposal.
ICMR states that one who tests positive may be considered a true positive. On the other hand, people who get a negative result should go for an RTPCR as Rapid Antigen Test are likely to miss few positives cases which may have a low viral load. This kit is mainly suggested for symptomatic patients.
After conducting the test, the mobile app will provide positive or negative results to the patient.
All the patients who test positive are advised to stay isolated and take care as per IMCR.
According to ICMR authorities, the kit will be available at the pharmacies and online medical stores from next week and will bear a price amount of Rs 250 including the GST.

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