How dangerous could Covid-19 be?

We are all aware that Covid-19 if ignored at the initial stage, could even be fatal. However, it is additionally true that more than the body, it hampers our mental health.

How everyone takes sicknesses, diseases, viruses, or illness may differ from person to person. Some people are inexplicably conscious about their health. What may happen to these categories of people if we announce their ill state of health on short notice? Are you a medical professional? Or we could be ordinary laymen.
Some people are prone to panic seizure. These people may be with some serious health issues like Blood Pressures, Heart Problems, or some time it may happen to a healthy person.
Blowing sudden adverse news in the ears of a person who are unprepared or never had such a horrific experience may get panic seizures. In certain instances may even cost their lives.
In the mid-wave of covid-19, it is an undeniable fact that there are people who are tirelessly and selflessly working for the great cause of society. On the other hand, with or without the lockdowns, some people are confined in their homes in fear of the impending danger of covid-19. In turn, lightening the burden of the people trying to control the spread of the virus. That is not for selfish desires. Yet, many people whose fear for sicknesses are deep-rooted, exempted from the blame for their actions. One with such fear must know the ill effects or damage that the various illnesses or viruses can cause to live a secure life without panicking or hiding away.
The world is at stake. No doubt the dreadful covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus has left the world in dismay and ceased the freedom of man for almost two years. Hence, its vice has its heights.
The world is at stake, and no doubt the dreadful covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus has left the world in dismay and ceased the freedom of man for almost two years. Hence its vice has its heights. The thought of death is the meanest fear in the minds of men turning out to be a nightmare to have a covid-19 positive result. With the many news heading the headlines covered by Medias across the world, the voice of death seems near for covid-19 patients to many. During times like this, a positive outlook can save us from being crippled in our mind. With the death news flooding the news roll, the media doesn't fail to mention the positive headlines about the survivors, which are positively incompatible with the death rate.
representative image of human mind
Image: representative image of human mind
The present generation, of course, is a great witness to this mass suffering across the globe for the first time in history, which is thought-provoking. When chances of survival or escape are high, there is only the need for precaution and sensitive health care.
People with prolonged illness, people recovering from certain sicknesses, people with a weak immune system, diabetes patients, people at their late ages etc., holds maxim chances to get contacted by this virus. But the story doesn't end there. There is a large number of survival stories about these categories of people who were affected by this dreadful virus. Proper care, early medical help, boosting immune system helps recover from this sickness.
Adhering to the government stated SOP (Standard Operation Procedure), such as maintaining social distancing, managing hygiene, and so, is presently the sole safety net for us. Besides the SOP of the government, being stern to oneself by avoiding visitations, or ignoring social gathering and taking healthy foods are the easy doors to escape this dreadful virus. Hence one need not have to fear the thought of death when tested for covid-19. Covid-19 is a frightful virus. Yet men with their responsibilities limit its dreadfulness.
Besides learning the fact that the virus is treatable with specific medical care, some people nevertheless cannot stand the fear caused by it, hence being approached with utmost care. To avoid further circumstances, the medical professionals, in their best performing hour, must likewise be sensible about the approach of different people towards sicknesses.

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