Hobbies have benefits for a sound mind

Hobbies help in developing self esteem and confidence apart from offering cathartic relief

A hobby is not just a leisure pastime. It is an activity that gives very telling cues about a person's psyche and aptitude. You might wonder why we are talking about hobbies in a health news and views portal? Think twice for hobbies do have a deep connection with our mental health that is anyway an intrinsic and inseparable component of a truly healthy person. Right from the moment a baby is born, the cells and body parts begin to develop. Physical development is simultaneously accompanied by mental and emotional development. Hence when a child is physically growing it is vital to nurture the development of his mind and emotions as well. Encouraging the child to cultivate a hobby is one of the many ways.
Hobbies are a very personal choice and should never be dictated
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Hobbies help in developing the cognitive faculties of a child. They also help in developing self esteem and confidence as one feels good and accomplished while doing something they like. Very often hobbies are a veritable recourse from disappointments, frustrations and setbacks. In other words hobbies offer cathartic relief. Often childhood hobbies are an indication of career choices in later life. Here it is worth mentioning that psychiatrists are largely in agreement that most juveniles and youngsters who lack aim and purpose in life never had a hobby. Hobbies also help in developing concentration skills and persistence - attributes that are prerequisites for future success in personal and professional life. A word of caution to parents and elders: Let your child choose his/her hobby independently. Hobbies should never be dictated. Also do not pressurize the child to develop a career in the line of the chosen hobby.

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