Here are some tips for dealing with Covid ennui

The phase of Covid and lockdown has been very challenging for everyone. It has been disturbing emotionally, mentally, socially as well as financially. This article focuses on the condition of our mind in such a situation and how to take care of it.

Are you an idle person? Or is it the capricious lockdowns caused by the rampant covid-19 virus that made you an idle person? Amidst the everyday battle to break through the Covid-19 pandemic, many across the globe have lost their substantiality.
Offices, institutions and business centres being doomed to remain dysfunctional many people are thrown away from their everyday busy schedule leaving them completely out of touch to exercise their minds.
The worst comes with the fact that there are some people who were compelled to lose their jobs, turning out to be an unbelievable nightmare to many. Could these reasons be the cause of an idle man losing their substantiality? Have they really lost their substantiality?
The narrowness in the mind of man could be the cause of psychological issues. Man is a reasonable being and being the most superior beings among the living beings we must realize that the substantiality of man is not limited.
White-collar jobs, professional works and business are not the only room where we can exhibit our skills and qualities or which can save us from idleness. Losing a job or having been refrained from visiting our offices doesn't make one jobless. It is our idleness that makes us jobless, which is the major cause of psychological instability.
The active functioning of the body keeps the mind healthy. From researches and living interaction with some people having anxieties and psychological imbalance, it is proven that the mind takes the extra mile harming the psychological state of man when he is idle.
Man is a reasonable being and being the most superior beings among the living beings we must realize that the substantiality of man is not limited.
Gardening, baking, handicrafts, creative writing, are some resourceful ideas that can help stand out Covid ennui. These activities not only keep the health and the mind healthy but also make our everyday life productive and independent to markets resources.
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When the body is engaged in a certain work the mind ultimately connects with the body. Hence there is no room for the mind to take the extra mile to create any kind of negative issues in the mind.
When we become too idle the mind gets convinced about the ills of the self and the surrounding and that is where depression starts and sometimes leading to suicides.
There are also certain activities besides the aforementioned as leisure. Playing outdoor or indoor games with family members, reading books and watching movies can also alternate our monotonous daily life.
Covid-19 pandemic is not just a doom to our life. Breathing into it from a positive and different perspective during this pandemic wise and broad-minded man in his quest to stay productive may discover some hidden talents; a talent that could remain undiscovered had it not been the covid lockdown.
Hence from a recent interaction conducted with certain people hailing from varied social backgrounds, we have a vivid conclusion to make that keeping one busy by engaging with physical works can help kill Covid ennui.

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