Healthcare reporting is now a sacred responsibility

And this is our mission...

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
The world is now at the cusp of a monumental change, owing to the pandemic. Everything about human life and all that is revolving around it shall be directly or indirectly connected to health. The way we live, socialize, work, travel, buy and even invest shall undergo a paradigm shift.

Actually healthcare has always been closely connected to other major facets of civic life and this fact has been magnified during the ongoing pandemic. For instance bad roads can severely deter patients in remote areas of the country from reaching healthcare centres in times of emergencies leading to fatalities. An article from our Meghalaya correspondent highlighting the plight of pregnant women from rural Meghalaya, last week was a case in point.

Therefore in the week ahead we have an incisive feature by a senior journalist from Arunachal Pradesh that reiterates how crucial really is media's role in terms of ushering development and awareness in the healthcare sector.

A large and pronounced focus of Fit Northeast is in generating the right awareness in the domain of mental health. We believe that this is an area within healthcare that is shrouded with glaring misconceptions even today, particularly in developing countries like ours.
So how exactly do we plan to make a slight positive difference? Well we believe that we need to bring you a mix of diverse articles (revolving around mental health and wellness) that will aid you to think about critical aspects of mental health with a broader and perhaps more informed perspective. This is an evolving field and there are really no straitjacketed or even definite answers. Hence our responsibility really is to get you to think across the very fluid spectrum of mental health.

Mental fortitude is the prerequisite for triumphing over these tough and extremely uncertain times. However it is not the only thing. The pandemic has ravaged the backbone of key economic and social sectors impacting the lives of millions. So it is a dead end or is the start of a new beginning?

As an editor I would exercise restraint and say that perhaps it is neither. It is all about finding a middle path with a pragmatic approach. After all vaccine or no vaccine the virus is here for a long haul and the aftermaths will remain for sometime.

Realism is any day my cup of tea for I believe that unrestrained optimism and pessimism can both be drastically misleading. We need to live with the virus instead of waiting for its complete extinction. And we need to live well and learn how to do it.

None of us know any formula that will help us live to our optimal best in this COVID era. But we can all come together and try to find the best solutions. And this is where Fit Northeast strives to make a small difference in the ocean, for through our news articles and incisive features we hope to highlight the rights issues and present possible solutions.

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