Health and wellness goals of people in this new decade

People want to be mentally, physically and emotionally sound to deal with every eventuality going forward

Largely speaking the year 2020 had been an ugly and disastrous year for everyone. Almost everyone had been affected directly or indirectly by the COVID 19 Pandemic.
Everyone has started this year that also marks the onset of a new decade with faith and optimism.
Fit Northeast had conducted a few interviews with a section of people between the age of 25 and 60, to assess the common health and wellness goals of this fresh decade.
Young people should strive to be wise and the old should always strive to become fighters in terms of diseases and infirmity
Abhoy, a 25 year old university student says, "I know that many people have succumbed to coronavirus last year. I am simply grateful that I was not among them and my family members too were safe. I have understood the sheer importance of health now. My plans for this year and going forward are exercising daily, being an active member of a gym and striving to maintain and improve my physical stamina and immunity. Learning to meditate and controlling my breathing and thoughts too are on the agenda. The idea is to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong so that every future eventuality can be dealt with."
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Shappa and Pete (aged 57 and 60) who are siblings shared, "We may look old, but we have learned to survive through thick and thin. We survived 2020 and the year 2021 too shall gently pass by." When asked about their goals related to health and wellness in the coming decade starting from the year 2021, they replied that they are ready.
In Shappa's words, "During the pandemic, the older generation were the worst impacted because of relatively frail bodies and compromised immune systems. However, I believe that no matter how old we become, if we follow the correct diet, exercise and work out at a right time, we shall be safe from the onslaught of epidemics and pandemics. I and my brother Pete have resolved to follow a strict and healthy diet, hire a personal trainer and exercise every single day." He says that young people should strive to be wise and the old should always strive to become fighters (in terms of diseases and infirmity).

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