Health and Hygiene: Covid englightenment

In order to live our living we do a number of activities and in order to live a healthy and happy life, we should follow some hygiene which will not only save us from many diseases but will also make life better

As we count our losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic from different ends we have also seen at large the proactive initiation of every individual from across the globe. We have understood the worth of hygiene living with the covid-19 pandemic which is made known even to the least of people kept in the dirt of living.
With the dreadful covid, we have also learned the importance of hygiene for the health. Many of us were aware of hygiene however we were naïve to apply it in our practical life. In the course of our struggle during these pandemic years, our naiveness has been removed.
We usually take things for granted. Hygiene is a prime concern when it comes to health. One major reason why communicable diseases commute easily from one person to another at a very speedy rate is due to the lack of hygiene in our everyday life.
Are we careful about what we touch, whom we come in contact with, where or what we eat, where we buy our food? There may be a few but at large most of us are ignorant about it.
The result of health hazards and the birth of many unknown and new sicknesses are due to the lack of hygiene. Among the many things that we treasure health must be our foremost concern.
Most of the time we care too much about our possessions which could be fixed at any time of our life till we are healthy but care less about our health in our selfish quest for possession.
Hygiene is the practical conduct of our everyday life concerning our body, surroundings and anything that we eat or drink.
Health is something that cannot be bought either by fame, wealth, or time. Therefore if there is no health everything becomes worthless. Hence to balance our health, a hygienic lifestyle plays a prime role. One must be sensitive or sensible towards an unhygienic environment to be healthy. A healthy life is adaptable only with proper hygiene.
Representative image.
Image: Representative image.
Hygiene is the practical conduct of our everyday life concerning our body, surroundings and anything that we eat or drink.
Bathing regularly, keeping our nails clean, washing our hands frequently, brushing our teeth morning and evening, wearing clean clothes, keeping our households and surroundings clean, being careful about what we eat and drink, taking our own belongings at workplace like, tiffin carrier and water bottles, using our own make-up kits are some of the hygienic lifestyles which may sound least important to take it seriously.
However, these are serious issues when it comes to health and hygiene. It is our simple carelessness that invites health-related problems each new day. Hence, the prime role to live a healthy life is 'cleanliness'.
The SOPs of Covid-19 speak volumes about hygienic living, opening the eyes of many reluctant 'Us'. The most effective way to escape Covid-19 is hygiene.
It is also applicable to many communicable and non-communicable diseases. 

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