Have the habit of holding pee for a longer time? : You may be in danger

Most of us suffer from irritation and pain during passing pee but at times we ignore it as we are ashamed of speaking about it openly. This article may be helpful in such an instance

Urinary Tract Infection is a very common issue that is faced by females. This infection first starts in the kidneys. Secondly, the two pipes that connect the kidneys to the urinary bladder that stores the pee is victimized. These two pipes are called a ureter.
In the urinary system of the human body, there is the urethra which connects the bladder and the outer world. In females, the urethra is very short. It is just 4 centimetres, making it easy for the bacteria to reach the urinary bladder. If the symptoms are overlooked and left untreated, it might be fatal. The symptoms of UTI are the tendency to pee very often but when one goes, a very little amount comes out, fever with chills accompanied by stomach aches.
According to medical practitioners, it is common having the first UTI after sex. In medical terms, this is called Honeymoon  Cytisus.
The word Cytisus means inflammation of the bladder, which happens after the infection and mostly 1st time during honeymoon sex. This is because sex is a frictional process and the friction creates lots of tiny microscopic cuts which makes it easy for the bacteria to start their attack and colonize the vagina.
According to medical practitioners, it is common having the first UTI after sex. In medical terms, this is called HONEYMOON CYTISIS.
The vagina has its own good bacteria which restricts the entry of these bad bacteria, so they shift to the urethra as the urethra lies near the vaginal opening.
Representative image.
Image: Representative image.
It is important to use an artificial water-based lubricant during sex as it provides a moist, slippery area for sexual activity and prevents microscopic cuts. Choosing the correct lubricant is very important as it does not irritate the skin as its other alternatives like oil or any cream do and it does not break the latex in the condom which prevents unwanted childbirth and sexually transmitted infections.
It is highly suggested to pee after having sex as it flushes the toxins and bad bacteria from the body.
The most common preventive measure to keep away UTI is to drink lots of water and go to pee when you feel the urge to pass it.

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