Going through kidney issues: Here are some remedies

The kidney is an important organ in our body. It works as a filter for ridding the body of waste toxins. But some of our bad habits can severely hamper the smooth functioning of the kidney.

Kidney disease takes the lives of more than 90,000 people all around the globe every year, says the National Kidney Foundation, 
This number is higher than that of both breast and prostate cancer.
Our kidneys are very important and are part of the key to living a long and healthy life, which means that it is extremely important to keep it healthy.
There are some simple ways through which we can protect our kidneys from any harm or disease.
It is always a good idea to replace salt with herbs. Eating salt can make food taste better, but simultaneously it can also upset the balance in our blood, which makes our kidneys work much harder to remove water from our body.
Studies say that eating too much salt is injurious to the kidneys. Doctors recommend limiting sodium intake to one spoon per day.
Just as salt, painkillers are also not good for the kidney. Painkillers are dangerous as it decreases the blood flow to the kidney, which causes a lot of stress. This process starts few minutes after taking painkillers.
Our kidneys are very important and are part of the key to living a long and healthy life, which means that it is our responsibility to keep it healthy.
The average person suffers from two or three colds per year. Though these colds seem nothing more than harmless and annoying, if we ignore them for a longer time and leave it untreated, our body will produce more and more antibodies. Over some time, these antibodies become unhealthy for the kidneys.
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One of the biggest causes of kidney problems is holding the urge to use the restroom. The longer urine stays in the body, the worse it is. Urine is the hub for bacteria that should not be in the body and should be released as soon as we get the feeling of urination.
Cigarettes are another harmful thing that is hazardous to the kidney. The intake of cigarettes creates creatinine in our body which harms the kidneys. Former smokers have a bit less of a chance of this disease than current smokers, but it's never too late to quit.
The food we eat also plays a very important role. To keep food fresh for a longer time, the manufacturing and packaging companies often add high amounts of sodium which should be avoided.
Other than sodium, potassium and phosphorus are also present in such food. Potassium and phosphorus are good in small amounts. Kidneys usually filter through potassium levels, but too much can be very stressful on the organ.
Drinks containing soda provide absolutely no nutrients to the body other than sugar. Due to the high amount of phosphoric acid in soda, it is considered risky for kidney problems.
In contrast to all these factors which can harm the kidney, there is one best medicine that can cure all the problems in the body. It is sleep. When you sleep for longer hours, the kidney also stays healthy for long years.

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