Foods that can help you get rid of your stress

A report by our Nagaland correspondent regarding some correct food habits which are beneficial for our health

We all have stress and it is an undeniable fact that most adults suffer from it, some severely and some mildly. Humans naturally start building stress when they attain their teenage years since there is a lot of academic and other work-related stress. But how can we handle it or is it even possible to handle it?
Stress management can be a powerful tool for wellness since too much stress is bad for you. There are many strategies, and one of them includes what you eat. To learn how a stress management diet can help, read the following information.
Stress-Busting Foods: How they work
Foods can help tame stress in several ways. Comfort foods, like a bowl of warm oatmeal, boost levels of serotonin, a calming brain chemical. Other foods can cut levels of cortisol and adrenaline, stress hormones that take a toll on the body over time. A healthy diet can help counter the impact of stress by shoring up the immune system and lowering blood pressure. These foods are considered as stress busters.
Complex Carbs: All carbs prompt the brain to make more serotonin. For a steady supply of this feel"good chemical, it's best to eat complex carbs, which take longer to digest. Good choices include whole-grain bread, pastas, and breakfast cereals, including old fashioned oatmeal. Complex carbs can also help you feel balanced by stabilizing blood sugar levels.
Simple carbs: Dieticians usually recommend steering clear of simple carbs, which include sweets and soda. But in a pinch, these foods can hit the spot. They're digested quickly, leading to a spike in serotonin. Still, it doesn't last long, and simple carbs can also spike blood sugar. There are better opinions so it is best not to make these a stress-relieving habit; it is better to limit them.
Dieticians usually recommend steering clear of simple carbs, which include sweets and soda. But in a pinch, these foods can hit the spot.
Too little magnesium may trigger headaches and fatigue, compounding the effects of stress. One cup of spinach helps you stick back up on magnesium. If you don't like spinach, other vegetables that are green and leafy are good magnesium sources. Cooked soya beans or a fillet of salmon, are also high in magnesium. To keep stress in check, consume naturally fatty fish. Omega " 3 fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon and tuna which can help prevent surges in stress hormones and may help protect against heart disease, depression and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Eat at least 3.5 ounces of fatty fish at least twice a week for a healthy supply of feel-good omega 3s.
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Milk and Almond
Another bedtime stress buster is the time-honoured glass of warm milk. Research shows that calcium eases anxiety and mood swings linked to PMS. Dieticians typically recommend skimming or low-fat milk. Almonds are chock-full of helpful vitamins: vitamin E to bolster the immune system plus B vitamins which may make you more resilient during bouts of stress or depression. To get the benefits, snack on a quarter of a cup every day.
Herbal supplements
There are many herbal supplements that claim to fight stress. One of the best-studied is St John's wort, which has shown benefits for people with mild to moderate depression. Although more research is needed, the herb also appears to reduce symptoms of anxiety and PMS. There is less data on Valerian root, another herb said to have a calming effect.
De-stress through exercising
Besides changing your diet, one of the best stress Busting strategies is to start exercising. Aerobic exercise boosts oxygen circulation and spurs your body to make feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Aim for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times a week. If you're not active now, tell your health care provider you're going to start exercising- they'll root for you and make sure you're ready to get moving.

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