Fit Northeast led Covid Vaccination Camp: Day 1 Report

The united efforts of Fit Northeast shine as hundreds visit the vaccination camp on the first day

The Department of Health and Family Welfare in collaboration with Fit northeast has organized a three-day Covid-19 vaccination camp at a Anganwadi Kendra at the KK Handique Nagar located at Narakasur Hills in Guwahati. The camp was inaugurated on 2nd August 2021 by senior gynecologist Dr Bidyawati Das, who is associated with Fit Northeast. Fit Northeast was privileged enough to receive co-operation of Mrs. Kranti Gogoi who is the local Anganwadi teacher at the KK Handique Nagar.
ANM Matu Malakar along with two other ASHA sisters administered the vaccines among the people.
The Fit Northeast  team
Image: The Fit Northeast team
A total of 220 vials of vaccines were collected from the State Capital Dispensary at Last Gate, Guwahati.
Inaugurating the camp, Dr Das said that she was happy to be a part of such a wise initiative. She added that it is very necessary to create awareness among the people regarding vaccination as this is the only way out to be protected.
An ANM who was involved in the vaccination process informed us that all the 220 vials which were bought from the State Capital Dispensary have almost finished.
An awareness was created among the people of the area 3 days before the camp, as a result of which more than 200 people willingly came forward to take vaccination. The people even got themselves tested for Covid prior to the vaccination procedure. The ratio of female candidates was more in comparison to the male candidates. People from the age group of 19 and above came for vaccination and most of them were relieved after taking the vaccine.
banner of the vaccination camp
Image: banner of the vaccination camp
While interaction with the people who came for vaccination, we came to know that most of the people were eagerly waiting for this vaccination camp to happen in their locality as this area is outskirts from the main city and people of old age and some with ailments has issues in going far away for vaccination.
An ANM who was involved in the vaccination process informed us that all the 220 vials which were bought from the State Capital Dispensary have almost finished. Adding to that she even said that they were happy that they got the co-operation of so many people and did not have to return back any vial.
The core team of Fit Northeast, the organizer of this vaccination camp consists of Mr Sijo Jocab, Founder of the organisation, Dr Rani Pathak Das, the Editor-in-Chief of the news portal, Porineeta Dutta from the Administration, Soma Das as the head of finance, Arohan Bharadwaj as the Chief Co-ordinator, Mantu Kumar Baishya as the technical head , Rama Krishna Newar as the HOD ( Product Development ) and Darshana Bhuyan as the reporter of the portal.
a lady getting vaccinated
Image: a lady getting vaccinated
As informed by Mr RamaKrishna Newar and Mr. Mantu Kumar Baishya, an official application was first addressed to the Director of Health Services and Family Welfare, then the application came to Dispur State Dispensary who issued all the materials regarding vaccination on August 2, 2021. Soma Das and Porineeta Dutta Baruah were seated at the registration counter at the vaccination camp today and they said that it was very challenging for them as many people turned up at the vaccination cite today. They registered more than 200 patients on the first day and are positively looking forward for more in the upcoming two days. It was also added that being the first event under the banner of Fit Northeast, today's event is a great success.Talking to Fit Northeast , ANM Matu Malakar expressed her thankfulness to Fit Northeast giving them a chance to organize a vaccination camp in which many people got vaccinated.

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