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Meditation is the only thing that will help one stand strong even at the hardest time of life

We all are familiar with the fact that present-day life is very stressful for everyone. Be it someone an aged person or be it a small child. But amid all the stress, there is a technique through which we can use the "stress" to bring out the best from within.
Fit Northeast had a conversation with Dr Rumi Das, who has been a full-time medical professional till 2006 and a meditation teacher since 2006 after she took voluntary retirement from her work. She is now a full-time meditation teacher and has students from every age group and from every walk of life.
Fit Northeast: How was the journey from a medical practitioner to a meditation coach?
Dr Das: It was from the year 1980 that I have been practicing in the medical field. I have met many patients, cured and consulted many. During my practice days, I had no idea about what is meditation. So I just carried on my practice. It was in the year 1994 that I learnt meditation and knew its benefits but never thought of experimenting it on my patients. It was just in the year before I thought of taking voluntary retirement from my medical practice, I thought of experimenting meditation for the patients.
Whenever I consulted a patient, I used to communicate with them as a friend and when I used to communicate with them I used to meditate with God and send them vibrations of good wishes and quick healing to them. At the time of conversation, I used to teach them how to think and keep it in the thoughts that "I am a healthy being and will recover very soon". I even shared my experiments with them on how I got cured through meditation.
Fit Northeast: How can meditation help in healing someone?
Dr Das: Mediation is nothing but having faith in God and believing in the supreme God. This belief in God fills the life with positivity and courage to face all the odds. Another thing that is very important and shares equal importance as having faith in God is the habit of positive thinking followed by pronouncing positive words and doing positive actions.
The biggest thing that meditation gives a person is the mental power to face every odd situation in life.
Many of us have even seen many people battling the most dangerous form of cancer and coming back to life. That is nothing but the result of a positive mental attitude. If we have the affirmation that positive will happen with us, nothing can stop us. When I used to consult patients, I always used to make them keep on repeating that "I will recover soon". I used to feel good when the patient used to come to me post recovery and said that method worked wonder for them.
Dr Rumi Das
Image: Dr Rumi Das
People always think that when one is sick, only medicines and treatment do its work but there are many other underlying factors which matter. It is also the mindset of the patients which matters.
Fit Northeast: Can one practice meditation everyday?
Dr Das: Definitely, meditation is an extremely simple process. It is simply about having faith in God and belief in the self. Many people have a conception that to do meditation we have to sit in a particular environment, we have to sit in a posture, but it is not at all necessary. Say for example do we need to sit in any position to remember our near and dear ones? As I said earlier, meditation is all about having faith in God and having faith in the self. Does it need and special position or environment to do it? It should be as easy and natural as inhaling and exhaling.
Fit Northeast: Other than healing, what are the other good effects of meditation?
Dr Das: Meditation helps a person in various ways. Meditation keeps one emotionally and mentally cool in every situation. The biggest thing that meditation gives a person is the mental power to face every odd situation in life. Moreover, meditation adds some other powers to the person. With regular meditation practice, he/she can attain some special powers like the power to judge what is good and bad, the power to take the correct decision, the power to adjust in any kind of situation and many more.
Fit Northeast: Any message for our readers?
Dr Das: As we all know the entire world is going through very hard times due to Covid. Many people lost their beloved ones and many suffered many other problems. Many of them are seen suffering moral and mental break-down. But such issues can be prevented if one does regular meditation. It promotes sound mental health along with the overall well-being of a person along with diminishing bad qualities like anger, frustration, tension, aggressiveness. So I request everyone to do meditation every day. Meditation is the only thing that will help one stand strong even at the hardest time of their life. It gives a fit mind and when the mind is fit, the body will automatically be healthy.

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