Effects on a child brought up in a dysfunctional family

Just as food and water are essential for survival, our behaviour is another aspect of prime importance that reflects our upbringing. This write-up will enlighten us on how healthy family relations mould our behaviour.

We often come across the phrase, "Children are the pillars of tomorrow" or "Keeping a healthy future for the upcoming generation will be seen as a legacy of the past civilization".
These statements are very valid, and many parents try their best to nurture and mould their children into a fine and refined gentleman and lady. 
While most of it is true, there are some families who are beaten down financially and materialistically, lacking moral and social values. 
That can have an enormous effect on the child and if the child's environment or home, in particular, is polluted with immorality and vices. 
It does not merely affect the child's psychology but can also turn him into a being which society often likes to refer to as "scum of the earth". 
Apart from being wrong, it pushes the child's life and future to the brink. One single negative abuse physically or mentally is meted out, and they may fall to their lowest point. 
The child may never have the ability nor courage to stand up or foresee the world, which most of us envision with positivity.
Many psychologists and researchers have written extensively on the sound upbringing of a child. 
Most of them had a similar motive behind their writings, which mean that early experience of a child's life shape how they will be in the future, affecting their lifelong learning and health.
While it is true that even if a child has a somewhat healthy upbringing with supportive and loving parents and siblings, they turn out to be worse than their disciplined and well-liked parents and siblings. 
It is also the opposite in some dysfunctional families where the parents and siblings are defiant, disrespectful, lacking moral and social values but the son or the daughter turn out to be an accomplished and successful person full of loving personality and manners.
While it is true that even if a child has a somewhat healthy upbringing with supportive and loving parents and siblings, they turn out to be worse than their disciplined and well-liked parents and siblings.
Sometimes these qualities can also be attributed to peer- pressure considering, that some children look up to their older friends with respect and regard. 
representative image of a happy family
Image: representative image of a happy family
In doing so, they cultivate either the low-life behaviour of their friends or transform themselves into a person devoid of any vices of immoral issues.
Economic instability, employment instability, family instability, and residential instability are some of the reasons attributed to a child's poor behaviour and qualities. 
Besides, the factors further contribute to their inability to function in the regular world when they mature as a man and woman in society. 
Therefore, parents need to maintain a hawk's eyes whilst focusing on their children's ins and outs.
It is likewise accurate that the home environment has a lot to do with how a child is brought up and nurtured. We must also keep in mind that friends play a significant role too. 
Along with making sure that your child doesn't mingle with the wrong friends, parents must make sure that they limit the number of visitors in their house. 
They may be your relatives, a distant cousin, maternal uncle, aunt, etc. These members of the family also contribute when it comes to the safety and welfare of the child.
 Sometimes, when a parent has a kin home, they leave their children in the relative's hands to go shopping. The relative can take advantage of this situation. 
They may drink in front of the children, smoke, inject drugs, bring their boyfriend/girlfriend home or physical abuse or assault the child. 
So, in all honesty, and modesty, if a parent wants their sons or daughters to become the best children in the world, they must never trust someone to do it for them. 
Supposing, if a mother or a father loses their responsibility to take care of their children, the chances of another person moulding their children to become the best are 1 - 0.

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