Editor's note: Focus on Covid-situation in Northeast

It is a Sunday, which denotes a new week, new hope and a new starting. With the promise of being by the people for a noble cause, putting forward the editorial for this week

<strong>Darshana Bhuyan</strong>Guest Editor
Darshana BhuyanGuest Editor
We all know that the entire world is going through a very hard phase. People are facing the deaths of their near and dear ones, embracing disappointment and depression.

We being a health-related portal, aim in bringing to you all the latest information which aims to benefit our esteemed readers.

In the upcoming week, we aim to bring to you some fresh news regarding Covid situation in the Northeast and the neighbouring states.

Along with that, we will even be bringing to you some works by some organizations which is very encouraging during this stage. How they are offering their services, how they are doing it, how many people are involved and what kinds of challenges they face,

We hope that our efforts will be able to provide some relief to our readers.

Besides our website, we even have our Instagram account, Facebook page and youtube channel where we do post various interviews and other contents.

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