Editor's Note

The week gone by has set our intent and objective and the coming week shall see more variety

<strong>Proyashi Barua</strong> - Guest Editor
Proyashi Barua - Guest Editor
Last week had a diverse array of articles that directly and indirectly raised concerns and questions on the existing state of affairs within healthcare. From Tripura's High Court inquiry into the inept and callous management of COVID patients in the state's premier hospital to whether hospital authorities across the state have sidelined (or shirked responsibility) the treatment of major acute and chronic diseases Fit NorthEast has done its two bits in expanding public consciousness in this ultra sensitive and people centric domain called healthcare. We believe in extensively writing about subjects that mainstream media often overlooks. With this objective in mind we have put forward a researched piece on children's health during the pandemic and the importance of avoiding over-reliance on technology during the pandemic.
Is health divorced from career, finance and spiritual growth? Definitely no and infact it is intrinsically related to several aspects of human life- well almost all aspects. A piece on how yoga and meditation can translate to both good health and a robust career opportunity and another on the almost miraculous but hugely tangible power of positive thoughts on good health was an attempt to reiterate this collective belief of the Fit NorthEast editorial team.
We believe that our incisive piece on how northeast has the potential to etch its credentials as a veritable destination for medical tourism dispels the gloom shed by the ongoing pandemic. The other pieces too have manifested with careful thought and the common objective of simplifying your quest for answers in healthcare.
The coming week will not be different in intent and objective. However, in my editorial capacity I will ensure that it has greater variety. We will throw light on the health repercussions of drug and alcohol abuse, stigmas attached with mental health consultations and an in depth piece on home physiotherapy (among other things )....So do stay tuned in and read on for better health and definitely more wellness

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