Eat for energy and immunity not just taste

Owing to the rampant spread of COVID-19 people are spending a lot of time indoors with less physical activity. This can slow our metabolism and hence we need to be more vigilant of our diet now.

Atleast 80% of the human population have been confined to the indoors for a greater part of their day (if not for throughout the day) ever since the pandemic hit six months ago. Sedentary lifestyles can cause serious health issues as we all know. Therefore exercise and nutritious food are more important today than ever before. Nutritious food that can fortify our immunity against coronavirus can also simultaneously translate to a shield against a slew of diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle like diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.
Junk food like chips, chocolates and cookies and deep fried foods should be ideally off the radar
Consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat food products is a blanket recommendation of dieticians during this time. Cooking with non tropical vegetable oils is a healthier alternative to using refined oils. Consuming fish, nuts and beans can result in a lot of health benefits. Eating fruits that contain citrus, drinking lemon or ginger tea, eating spinach, yoghurt, broccoli etc which are easy to purchase due to its availability must be taken daily. Staying indoors can lead to a loss of stamina and energy. Therefore, food items like milk, eggs, fish and green leafy vegetables must be consumed. "Vegetarians should substitute eggs and fish with milk products, kidney beans etc,' observes a dietician. So what are the things that one must exclude from one's diet? 'Caffeine intake should be moderate. Refined flour and sugar that is hard to digest should be either avoided or drastically minimized. Also junk food like chips, chocolates and cookies and deep fried foods should be ideally off the radar," she informs. "Foods with preservatives are also unhealthy. Infact ready to eat foods cause serious health repercussions in the long run and deplete energy and stamina in the short run," she adds.
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