Eat early dinners and feel the positive difference

Late dinners increase the risk of obesity and can cause chronic insomnia too

Eating food at the right times is very important to keep ourselves hale, hearty and free from disease.  However, owing to our packed everyday routines, we often sit down to eat late at night. 
Frankly the repercussions of late night dinners are unimaginable. Here are some adverse fallouts of late night binges and meals.  
Eating late at night increases the risk of obesity. 
Late dinners are the most common cause of chronic diarrhea in most people. Actually falling asleep immediately after a late dinner can adversely impact the the digestive system.
Falling asleep immediately after a late dinner can adversely impact the the digestive system.
Not eating at the right time also causes insomnia. Lack of sleep can lead to many other problems such as drowsiness or irritability.
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According to experts, a natural clock exists in the body, which is called the circadian rhythm. In accordance with our daily sleep-wake and eating time, the circadian rhythm works to release hormones and activates our metabolism.
Consequently, if you allocate specific times for everyday tasks, including your lunches and dinners you experience improved metabolism that aids better digestion too. Generally people who stick to routines (incorporating fixed meal times and early dinners too) stay healthy for a long time.
It is important to also understand that diet always depends on age, sex, body composition, level of work, and level of activity. At the same time, as age increases, the needs for nutrients also changes. So pay attention to these things too and eat early dinners.  

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