DIY Affordable Christmas Decorations

It's Christmas Eve and if you feel you could not afford the best Christmas Tree despair not…you can still use this evening to make the best ever Christmas Tree

No Christmas celebration is complete without a proper crackling bonfire and decorations covering every nook and corner of the house and its surrounding areas.
However, with the rising popularity of Christmas celebrations, the decoration accessories are becoming more expensive. Actually most people cannot really afford the best of decoration paraphernalia, which is available in the market. Consequently, most children become annoyed or sad. This is unfortunate as Christmas is never the time for any sadness or tears.
Here are some inexpensive ways of brightening our homes and spreading cheer. The first and most important aspect of Christmas revelry and even its essence is cleanliness of our spirit, intent and ofcourse our physical surroundings. Therefore if we cannot afford the expensive Christmas trees along with the fairy lights and artifacts a sparkling clean and orderly home devoid of clutter can feel really nice.
Also, instead of buying artificial Christmas trees, we can plant a biological one for future use or make one ourselves. We can build our own Christmas tree by using the branches of pine trees and fixing it onto a bamboo pole or by inserting it inside the stem of a banana tree. When seen from afar, the pine branches cover almost every part of the supporting pole or stem. We can add lights or decorate the tree with cottons, ribbons etc.
Build your Christmas Tree by using the branches of pine trees and fixing it on a bamboo pole or by inserting it inside the stem of a banana tree
Wrapping empty cardboard boxes in vibrant wrapping papers and placing these under the Christmas Tree is another way of embellishing it. These empty cardboard boxes resemble presents and translate to a visual treat, especially for children.
Representative image
Image: Representative image
Another way of lighting up the house during Christmas Eve is by attaching a substantial amount of zero watt bulbs (of different colours) to wires forming a chain like structure. If placed outside the house or at the entrance of the house, this can translate to a veritable eye candy.
One of the cheapest and most effective ways of decorating our houses for Christmas Eve is by reusing the lights from the previous year's Christmas decorations. Reusing not only saves money but it also makes us responsible citizens.
When it comes to low budget Christmas decorations, nothing beats recycling and reusing. In conclusion, Christmas is not only about decorations, but a reiteration of our commitment towards being responsible and conscious citizens. Learning to decorate our lives both internally and externally before decorating our homes should be our first and utmost priority for without it, celebrating Christmas would just be a routine observance without any meaning.

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