Depression: A disease of modernity

Depression is something which almost everyone suffers from in the present day world. But do we realise that we actually can defeat depression.

The 21st century is the age of technology and it has transformed our lives in unbelievable ways. It has made us all busier than ever.  
In the present day, even school-going children are so busy that they do not get time to go out and play with their friends.
They instead depend on electronic gadgets to satisfy their boredom. The same is the case with the adults. We, the adults are constantly running after various needs like money, name, fame, success etc. In this age of competition, where we struggle to rise in our lives or to achieve a better position in life, in the long run, we realize that we have lost many things.
Due to the busy lifestyle, more and more people are falling prey to a vicious trap called depression Depression can be elaborated as a constant feeling of sadness, loss of interest which hampers our day-to-day activity.
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Doctors say that there are different types of depression depending on the impact it has created on the patient. Many people think that depression is the end of life but in contrast to that doctors take a positive approach to cure it.
Psychiatrists even say that the extent of depression is first figured out through some simple blood tests or by various ways like counseling. Then depending on the degree of impact, the patient is prescribed medication or treatment. Apart from that one biggest thing that matters is the mindset of the patient. Besides suffering from such an ailment, some people still have the zeal to live life to the fullest.
Positivity in mind leads to a positive attitude towards life and once we are start taking things positively, nothing can stop us being the happiest person on this earth.
Experts say people with such a mindset conquer depression more quickly and overcome it. A psychiatrist has suggested some very easy tricks to keep the self away from this trap.
He suggested going for direct communication with people instead of using social media platforms, keep negative thoughts away, recites positive thoughts to keep the positivity stimulating in the mind, giving respect to the self.
The psychiatrist added that accepting people as they are is also a great way to keep depression at bay.  Psychiatrists even say that we should lessen our expectations as much as we can as the unfulfilled expectation again brings sadness.
Experts advise everyone to keep themselves constantly busy as we all are familiar with the fact that an empty mind is a devil's workshop.
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They firmly say that patients at the primary stages of depression have the cure in their hands. The cure is nothing but to have faith in the self and to realize how beautiful God has created him or her. It is about realizing that he or she is in a far better position than many other people.
Experts say that depression is never the end of life but our thoughts and outlook towards our lives decide-out destiny. If we try to stay happy and be associated with positive things, nothing can stop us from becoming a positive inspiration for others.
Finally, according to experts, every life is a unique gift of God to everyone. We should always remain positive and keep culturing our minds in more and more creative activities.
Positivity in mind leads to a positive attitude towards life and once we start taking things positively, nothing can stop us from being the happiest person on this earth.

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