Delhi witness surge in Dengue cases, hospitals face bed shortage

With approximately 1006 dengue cases this year, Delhi is the worst-hit state in India

The surge in the Dengue cases in Delhi-NCR has now become a major concern for the health authorities as many government and private hospitals are facing a shortage of beds. 
As many as 12,000 cases of dengue have been recorded in the national capital so far.  According to a doctor at Sir Gangaram Hospital, the hospital has received numerous cases of patients with a high range of fever accompanied by headaches, body pain, muscle ache, pain behind the eyes.
As per South Delhi Municipality Corporation report, ten people have died at the Safdarjung Hospital. A severe shortage of beds was reported in many hospitals.
In the month of October, there were 665 dengue cases reported in Delhi. The last week recorded 283 cases last week. Delhi, in a total records 1006 cases of dengue this year until October 23.
50 out of the 200 patients who were admitted to the Swami Dayananda Hospital of Delhi were suffering from dengue. emergency surgeries have been stopped to accommodate the patients with dengue.
Representational image.
Image: Representational image.
The conference hall of the Kailash hospital of Noida has been converted to a temporary ward to accommodate the patients. In the month of October, there were 665 dengue cases reported in Delhi.
A total of 283 cases were recorded in  Delhi in the last week. As per records, dengue was highest in the year 2019, when the number of cases went up to 1.14 lakhs.
This year, Uttar Pradesh is the worst affected state with 13,000 cases, followed by Maharashtra and Punjab.

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