Daily Covid-19 positive cases drop by 26% in Sikkim

The reasons behind this drop in the number of samples collected are not clear

Sikkim is in the midst of a runaway second wave of Covid-19  infections and the effects of the partial lockdown in slowing down transmission will still take some more days to reflect in the numbers, but given the stressful times, every sliver of positive tiding needs to be amplified.
In the 24 hours ending 8 AM on Saturday, Sikkim registered nearly 26% drop in the number of daily cases when 200 more cases were detected against the record number of 264 a day earlier.
Interestingly, fewer tests were also conducted to catch these 200 - a total of 682 were conducted on Saturday against the 802 samples that were screened for Novel Coronavirus a day before.
The reasons behind this drop in the number of samples collected are not clear yet and could be for a variety of reasons ranging from fewer people coming out to get tested for Covid, either because of the brief 8-hour period in a day that people can move around or because fewer people are displaying symptoms worrying enough to warrant testing.
Even the test positivity rate is witnessing a slight dip standing at 29% today against the nearly 33% test positivity rate recorded a day earlier.
Meanwhile, the number of totals confirmed Covid cases in Sikkim since the first case in the state was recorded on 23 May 2020 now stands at 9651, of which 2,528 are currently active, 6,753 have recovered and a total of 165 have passed away.
Yes, these are figures only for one day and in no way point towards a trend, but should still offer some solace to worried minds.
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 Sikkim lost five more lives on Saturday, which is the highest ever single-day death so far in the state. All five fatalities were reported from STNM Hospital. Sikkim had recorded four Covid deaths on  May 5 and had hit that number only twice in the past - on 31 October and 28 November last year.
Meanwhile, the number of confirmed Covid cases in Sikkim now stands at 9651, of which 2,528 are active.  A total of 6,753 patients have recovered and 165 have succumbed to the disease. 
Today, 31 more Covid patients were admitted to the hospital - 14 at STNM Hospital, one at Mangan District Hospital, and 16 at CRH-Tadong. There are currently 190 Covid patients in hospital - 118 at STNM Hospital [which has 125 Covid beds], 12 at Mangan District Hospital, which as per official data is already handling double the number of Covid patients it has capacity for, and 60 at CRH-Tadong which has a 100-bed Covid ward.
While no new Covid-positive people were admitted to the four Covid Care Centres in the State, these facilities are currently accomodating 28 Covid-positive people - one at the Nursing School in West Sikkim, six in isolation at Camp in West Sikkim, six at Paljor Stadium, and 12 at the Covid Care Centre at Khel Gaon.
As has been the norm, East recorded the highest number of the new cases with 121  recorded here, 58 coming from South Sikkim, 17 from West Sikkim, and four from North district.

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