COVID situation in Tripura is improving with a decreased caseload

The state's COVID tally is around 32,292 of which more than 31000 people have recovered. As per data from a serological survey report about one third of the population have developed 'antibody' against the virus

While the deadly coronavirus had multifarious impacts on life in Tripura, now with the development of an 'antibody'' against COVID 19 coupled with a proper handling of the situation the north eastern state is limping back to normalcy. About one third of the population of Tripura have developed 'antibody' against the virus, state education minister Ratan Lal Nath, who is also the cabinet spokesperson said.
"We have received the data from a serological survey report of the Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) that 34 per cent people of the state's population have developed antibodies against the deadly coronavirus", Nath  stated.
The survey was conducted from October 15 to October 17 in eight districts of the state and 4,800 samples were collected to identify the current antibody levels and to assess the stage of community infection. A serological survey is conducted to assess the prevalence of a disease in a population. It is done by detecting the presence of specific antibodies that are produced against the virus.
However, Nath said, the serological survey did not indicate that the state has developed herd immunity. When contacted, state disease surveillance officer, Dr. Deep Debbarma said, the COVID case load has come down drastically.
"The COVID tally is around 32,292 of which more than 31000 people have recovered. Now the situation has limped back to normalcy. But we think that there is no room for complacency. Recently, the COVID19 cases have gone high in Delhi, Mumbai and in many other metros. So, we have laid importance in creating awareness among people for wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Before the vaccine comes to the market, we have to remain alert", Debbarma said.
The serological survey did not indicate that the state has developed herd immunity.
Director of Health, Radha Debbarma said, "We cannot rule out the possibility of resurgence (or second wave) of the virus. We have closely observed that when metro cities are impacted severely by the virus, the same or relative level of severity (of infections) occur about two months later in Tripura".
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She said, the state's health department is now equipped with PPE kits, medicines and one big ward called the Jayanti ward, which is absolutely dedicated for COVID patients.
Debbarma, who recently toured in the rural areas of the state said, the flow of general patients in Public Health Centers (PHC) is comparatively less, because they are not ailing.
"The situation is now normal. People also have got rid of the fear psychosis that they might be infected by the virus if they go to hospitals. Also now we have equipped ourselves to face the future corona situation", Debbarma told Fit Northeast.
She said, as many as 505957 samples have been tested for COVID 19 in the state so far adding that 306672 samples were tested by Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and 1, 99285 by RTPCR method.

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