Covid-19: The first batch of Antibody Cocktail arrives in India

The Drug Controller General approves special medicine which will be a boon to people newly infected with Covid-19. Moreover this drug can also be used as a short term immunisation

India has announced the launch of the first batch of Antibody Cocktail which will help the body to fight against the Covid 19 virus. In order to save the lives of recently infected people, American Company Roche has manufactured this Antibody Cocktail injection which has been approved by the Drug Controller General and recommended for emergency use.
It is a monoclonal antibody, which means it is a laboratory-made protein that mimics the immune system's ability to fight the pathogen. Per pack of this medicine mainly contains two vails.
One of CARIVIMAD and the other is INDEVIMAB, which are monologue antibodies that are scientifically directed against the spike protein of SARC-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 and are designated to block the virus's attachment and its entry into human cells.
Pharma company Cipla  will be distributing this product to every hospital and Covid treatment centres across the country. The per-dose price of this product has been announced as Rs 59,750 in the Indian market. Last year this medicine was first given to US President Donald Trump as he suffered Covid.
As it has already reached The Fortis Escort Hospital, Dr Ashok Seth practising at the hospital said that it could be given to those who have mild to moderate symptoms and are not using oxygen, which will prevent health conditions from getting worse or deteriorating.
It is even good for all those who fall in high-risk groups like those of 65 years and above, have health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac illnesses or take support of immuno-suppressants or are even cancer patients.
It is even suitable for those who are 55 years and above and are obese accompanied by heart disease and practical hypertension.
This medicine is injected at the initial stages of Covid 19 infection and when the health condition is not so serious. It should be injected in the initial 7 to 10 days of Covid infection.
It can be administered either intravenously or subcutaneously to people who are more susceptible to Covid 19 or who are asymptomatic or who stay in close contacts with Covid patients and have chances of getting infected.
The Antibody Cocktail Drug
Image: The Antibody Cocktail Drug
The best thing is that this treatment can also work as a short term immunisation and can be an important preventive strategy for the future. Lab test has proven that if this medicine is given to given to those in home isolation, then 70 per cent can be prevented from going to the hospitals even.
This medicine is injected at the initial stages of Covid-19 infection and when the health condition is not so serious. It should be injected in the initial 7 to 10 days of Covid infection. It should never be in patients with less O2 count or the ones who are in hospitals or under ventilation.
This medicine comes in 2 vials. Half of each of the vials are combined together and mixed with normal saline for 1 hour as an infusion in a hospital.
The patient is then sent back home after being kept in observation for some time. It is stored temperature from 2degree to 8-degree centigrade. One vial is enough to treat 2 patients. If opened for the 1st dose can be used for the 2nd dose within 48 hours.
 Dr Seth said that every drug or medicine has its own limitations and hence it should never be overused.

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