Covid-19 claims lives of 45 doctors in Northeast: IMA

Till date, Covid claimed the lives of as many as 1,594 doctors across the nation. The list includes the name of Dr KK Agarwall

Since its start, Covid-19 has changed many things in various ways. Not only things, but it has also got many changes in people's life.
The biggest thing, it has caused is that it has claimed billions of life across the globe.
According to a report published by the Indian Medical Association, Covid has claimed the lives of 32 doctors across Assam to date. Data shows that 20 doctors lost their lives during the first wave till last December. Later on the go, 12 more doctors had to lose their lives.
In regards to the first wave, three doctors from Manipur and one each from Meghalaya and Tripura sacrificed their lives while providing the dedicated service to mankind.
IMA reports shows that Tamil Nadu witnessed that maximum number of doctors death tolling to 154, followed by Delhi and West Bengal.
The second wave claimed 6 lives in Manipur and 2 causalities in Tripura.
Representative image.
Image: Representative image.
Statistically, India lost a total of 1,594 doctors after both the first and second wave.
Further detailing it, the IMA say that during the state, 757 doctors from across 28 states lost their lives, whereas, 837 expired in the second wave.
IMA report shows that Tamil Nadu witnessed the maximum number of doctors' death, followed by Delhi and West Bengal.
In the national capital, 107 doctors succumbed to this viral infection, which includes the name of eminent cardiologist Dr. KK Agarwal, who passed away due to lack of oxygen at the Batra Hospital.

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