COVID 19 cases in North East today

The north eastern states together account for more than a lakh of infections

Today at the time of filling this report, Assam has reported 82,201 infections, 58,294 recoveries and 203 deaths. Tripura follows Assam with a significant gap. The state has reported 7,408 infections, 5,404 recoveries and 62 deaths. Manipur occupies the third position in terms of COVID caseload and the state has reported 4,765 infections, 2,789 recoveries and 18 deaths. Nagaland on the other hand has a caseload of 3,520, 1,664 discharged cases and 8 reported deaths. Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya occupy the fifth and sixth positions in terms of COVID caseload.
Arunachal Pradesh has reported 2,741 cases, 1,893 recoveries and 5 deaths while Meghalaya has reported 1,413 cases, 685 discharges and 6 deaths. Incidentally in the last 24 hours Arunachal Pradesh has reported 40 fresh cases while Meghalaya reported 39 fresh cases. Until now, in both these states, the per day infections detected have been much lesser. Sikkim has reported 1,207 cases until now and 755 recoveries. The state has two confirmed deaths one of which happened yesterday. Mizoram has the least number of infections till now. The state has 815 infections, 372 discharged cases and no mortalities.
The mortality rate is not very discouraging even today
Incidentally, ever since the pandemic entrenched its ugly presence in the northeastern region, the eight states have occupied the same order in terms of total number of infections,recoveries and deaths. While Assam continues to occupy the prime position in terms of caseload and mortalities, states like Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh have reported a steady rise in infections this week.
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We wonders if in the coming days, there is a reshuffle in positions barring Assam and Tripura. "Not very unlikely as it is actually very difficult to predict the trends of transmission," says a senior health worker of Meghalaya on grounds of anonymity. Today the north eastern states together account for more than a lakh of infections in the country.

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