Child Immunisation vis-à-vis Covid-19 situation

The outbreak of Covid-19 has almost put a halt to child immunisation around the globe.

<strong>Dr Rani Pathak Das</strong> - Guest Editor
Dr Rani Pathak Das - Guest Editor
Child Immunisation is an essential component of health services that protects the future generation from Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPD). The outbreak of Covid-19 has almost put a halt to child immunisation around the globe. According to WHO and UNICEF reports, 23 million children have missed out on basic vaccines through routine immunisation services during 2020. And up to 17 million children didn't receive a single vaccine dose during 2020.

We have seen that while countries are crying for vaccines to protect the population from Covid-19, mankind has gone backwards regarding other vaccinations leaving children at high risk from devastating but Vaccine Preventable Diseases such as measles, polio, meningitis etc. For the countries already battling Covid-19, multiple disease outbreaks would be catastrophic. It is urgent than ever before to make sure that every child is vaccinated.

As the concern for child vaccination remains, another concern is that children are yet to be vaccinated in India to combat Covid-19. However, vaccination drive is now in full force in the north-eastern part of India. We are happy to state that Fit Northeast in collaboration with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Assam has already successfully organized two Covid-19 vaccination camps in different areas of the Guwahati city during the past week. The enthusiasm and level of awareness among the people coming for vaccination was notable.

In the coming week, our esteemed readers can find articles at Fit Northeast on how adapting to a new normal in a pandemic-triggered lockdown situation has become imperative for people to stay fit, both mentally and physically. You would know how people have switched to alternative forms of health routines to develop strong immunity. We will also come up with news features on the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on regular child immunisation process and the risks of the children deprived of immunisation. The regular articles on healthcare and wellness would be there in the stack.

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