Brutal Attack on Assam Doctor and Healthcare workers causes stress among all

An incident of a brutal attack on a junior doctor has raised many questions regarding the safety of doctors and other medical staff

The Assam Medical Service Association yesterday announced the shutting down of the OPD services, protesting the assault on Dr Seuj Senapati.
Dr Senapati was a fresh passed-out doctor who joined his duties at the Covid ward in the Model Hospital in Hojai hardly three days ago.
A group of 24 people brutally assaulted the doctor. These people were the family members of a patient named Giasuddin, who succumbed to the Covid infection on June 1. 
It was in the afternoon of June 2 when Giasuddin was admitted to the hospital. His relatives were complaining that he was unable to pass urine since that morning. At that time, Dr Senapati just arrived at the hospital as per his duty shift.
He immediately put on his hand gloves and rushed near the patient with a urinary catheter. But as he went near the patient, the patient was already dead. 
It was after announcing his death that a group of 24 people attempted to attack all the health workers at the hospital.
Firstly they tried to tackle a nurse who was just about to leave her duty and leave for home as her duty hour ended. 
The family members of the patient first scared the health workers. Then the senior sister went inside the washroom to protect herself. 
Dr Baishya informed the media that Dr Senapati is out of danger and positively responding to the treatment.
The people went inside the washroom, banged the door, broke it and tried to strangulate her, after which she fainted and fell on the ground. 
play card of a doctor at a protest
Image: play card of a doctor at a protest
Then the people started a brutal attack on Dr Senapati with a broom and a bowl. They even snatched his phone, chain and finger rings that he was wearing at the time.
The doctor was finally rescued by a police officer who arrived at the spot and immediately rushed to the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital. He is undergoing treatment under the team of the president of the college, Dr Achyut Baishya.
Dr Baishya informed the media that Dr Senapati is out of danger and positively responding to the treatment.
The incident was condemned by the Chief Minister of Assam, Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma, who took to his Twitter account to notify that justice will be served to the doctor injured in the incident. He further assured that the 24 culprits involved in this barbaric act would not be spared at any cost.
Immediately after the incident took place, the Assam Health Minister Keshab Mahanta held a crucial meeting with the DC of Nagaon along with some other senior officials. The chief minister strictly orders the arrest of all the culprit within 24 hours.

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