Beware of drunk driving and over speeding

Safe driving is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and happy society. Hence do not undermine its value in the interest of individual and collective good

It indeed is a very dejecting reality that people are more prone to accidents during the festive seasons especially during Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.
Most people tend to forget that December's festive season is just as harsh and unforgiving as any other season that we experience throughout the year. Consequently, these people (especially a teeming number of over enthusiastic youngsters) do not fear the repercussions of driving above the prescribed limits of their normal everyday drive.
'Speed thrills but kills,' this adage is often recklessly overlooked. While many road accidents become fatal some others result in permanent debilitating physical injuries for the victim.
Escaping from the clutches of fines and tickets only encourages the riders and drivers to commit such brazen acts with a more competitive stance
Many survivors even contend with a lifetime of coma or a vegetative state. Here one needs to ponder if drunken driving or over speeding can ever be an option when the repercussions can be so severe and dire. Road accidents have claimed a lot of lives in India and 75% of such accidents are linked to drunken driving. Incidentally December being one of the coldest months in India, most vehicle owners like to drink and drive especially during the night at a speed of not less than 100 kmph. "With the advancement of technology and the introduction of better and more convenient vehicles or supercars, the road accident statistics are surging," agrees a senior official from the department of transportation in Guwahati.
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India is an unfortunate hub of road accidents owing to several factors. Firstly many Indians are reluctant to follow traffic rules, let alone read them. Secondly traffic lights, road signs etc are not very rampant in India like other countries. In fact, driving without a helmet or practicing pillion riding is increasing daily since the thrill of escaping from the Traffic Police has become almost like an unwritten tradition.
"Escaping from the clutches of fines and tickets only encourages the riders and drivers to commit such brazen acts with a more competitive stance. Most of them fail to realize that those that try to escape from the Traffic Police, usually end up crashing onto other vehicles and killing themselves or their co-passengers. Thus the blame goes to the authorities and eventually an ex-gratia of a couple of lakhs makes them forget everything eventually," laments the official from the transportation department.
Therefore it does not matter if we own a car or a bicycle or a tractor or a bus. We are equally responsible for saving ourselves, our loved and everyone around us from experiencing such horrible accidents. So this festive season and also in the ensuing months and years let us all take a pledge to drive sober and drive with care and caution.

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