Awareness rally held in Nagaland for women empowerment

250 people including students from various schools in Nagaland participated in the rally

The department of Art and Culture organised awareness rallies on women empowerment in several districts of Nagaland whilst commemorating the 250th birth anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy to honour his contributions to women's rights in India including the abolishment of customs such as sati, polygamy, child marriage and the caste system.
The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Chumukedima, Dr. Kuzo Duadeo while flagging off the rally, informed that various programmes and schemes are coming up where women empowerment has been emphasised in commemoration of the 75th year of independence. He said that for women's empowerment, the "most basic thing" is education, as education empowers a person to know what to do, what is right and what decision to take.
Altogether 250 people including students from St Joseph's Higher Secondary School and Government Middle School, Chumukedima Block IV participated in the rally at the department of Art and Culture and culminated at 7th Mile Village Gate.
Informing that women's sex ratio in Tseminyu was 1022 and the male literacy rate was 88% while the female was 76% he said that education helped people to think critically and reason.
The rally was also held at Phek, Peren and Tseminyu districts of Nagaland. At Phek, the rally was flagged off from the District Hospital Junction and culminated at Government Higher Secondary School Auditorium, Phek.
Glimpse of the rally
Image: Glimpse of the rally
While speaking on the occasion, EAC Phek, Tshelhi-u said the anniversary marked the fight against evil practices like Child marriage, Sati and discrimination against women and children. She reminded that women have equal rights to men and that their rights should not be neglected.
The awareness rally in Tseminyu was organised by the district cultural office, Kohima Art & Culture Department at Town Hall, with the SDO of Tseminyu, Tsutowe Kupa as special guest. Informing that women sex ratio in Tseminyu is 1022 and the male literacy rate is 88% while the female is 76% he said that education helped people to think critically and reasonably. The programme was chaired by UDA district Art and Culture Office, Kohima, Keviselie while assistant research officer and district cultural office, Kohima in-charge, Haichenlo Kath delivered the welcome address. Around 100 students participated in the rally.

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