Armed forces personnel spearhead plasma donation drive in Assam

Yesterday alone, about 40 of them had donated blood plasma at Tezpur Medical College

In Assam, the Army has undertaken a plasma donation drive for critical COVID-19 patients. Yesterday, several soldiers from the Indian Army came forward to donate blood plasma and 45 jawans were screened at Tezpur Medical College. 40 out of these donated their plasma after meeting the eligibility criteria.These volunteers from the armed forces have recently recovered from COVID-19.
According to defence spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Harsh Wardhan Pande, plasma donation by soldiers at this critical juncture of the pandemic reiterates their commitment to save and secure the lives of people.
Nearly 300 patients have recovered from plasma therapy in Assam
In Assam, the government has been promoting plasma therapy from which at least 300 COVID-19 patients have recovered so far. The state had started plasma donation on July 3rd and the first transfusion was done on July 9th. Speaking to media, Samir Sinha, health secretary of the state explained, "We have met success in terms of our strategy of administering blood plasma, from the very beginning. Actually we resort to plasma therapy right from the time that we start noticing a gradual decline of oxygen levels in patients.
Once plasma is given this decline is arrested. According to healthcare experts, plasma donation does not have side effects and one unit of plasma can save two lives. One person can donate upto 400 grams of plasma. The state has reported a total of 84,317 positive cases out of which, 60,348 patients have recovered and 213 patients have succumbed to the virus. The positivity rate stands at 5.23%.

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