Are you planning a pregnancy but scared?

stress wrecks the biggest havoc on reproductive hormones

Rita Deka and her husband had decided late last summer that it was time to go the family way. They felt prepared for the road ahead, which included IVF treatments along with working full time. Rita got pregnant early this year but had a miscarriage in early March.When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most of the world days later, Rita took it as a sign. Perhaps it was time to reconsider their plan.She is not alone. According to many doctors around 30 percent of people who were considering pregnancies this year are delaying their plans due to the pandemic.
Many pregnancies are getting stalled owing to the pandemic
"There have been increases in requests for birth control and emergency birth control," says Tripti Malhotra a gynaecologist based in Delhi. This diffuses the notion of post pandemic baby boom! So what are the causes that are stalling pregnancies? The first is tremendous uncertainty both from a health and financial point of view. There's also the possible loss of jobs or health insurance, in addition to more limited access to extended family during and after pregnancy."For women, it's a serious question," Dr Tripti affirmed. "Let's be honest. There are no long-term studies on how COVID-19 affects the pregnant woman or the child." She also added that the stress and scare that women (and men) are generally experiencing in these turbulent months are impacting fertility. "Stress is the biggest disrupter of reproductive hormones," Dr Tripti ascertains.
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Dr Tripti advises women who are considering pregnancy to double down now on eating well, getting rest and exercise, and considering stress relievers such as acupuncture. "Most important don't panic too much and don't walk away with this fear that pregnancy and COVID-19 are a dangerous mix. After all nothing is certain and we are all still learning," she urges.

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