Are you maintaining healthy relationship?

Romantic relationship is the most challenging kind of relationship

Human beings have different types of relationships: family, friends, teacher-students, romantic relationship and many more. Out of these, romantic relationship is the most challenging kind of relationship. 
Some people from a very early age maintain a romantic relationship and some till their old ages. However that doesn't hold any issue with respect to unhealthy relationship. What could be an unhealthy relationship? In a healthy relationship the partners will see progress both in their personal and social life and in addition will find themselves enjoying their relationship. 
There are several issues that create an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Such reasons result in slow progress both in personal and social life. And the partners become less interested in their romantic relationship. 
Substance abuse, alcohol addiction, financial problem, trust issues, loyalty or affairs, family related issues, attention and time issues, care and concern issues, work related issues, longevity issue and age gap, health issues, lack of physical contact, temper issues and distance related issues are some major and common reasons that create an unhealthy romantic relationship. This can also cause a serious impact on the mental health of a person. 
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Often, people having such relationship at a very young age have a soaring rate of developing unhealthy relationship. Most such relationships turn out to be unsuccessful. It could be an age factor and sometimes in the long run they used to take each other for granted which cause loss of interest for each other. However, this can be enlivened by exhibiting some changes in the system of approach by both the partners for longevity and successful relationship. 
Other common reasons are trust issues, loyalty issues, time or attention, care and concern issues and distance related issues. For some partners these issues may feel less important while these are the pillars for a strong and healthy relationship.
Both the partners must have respect towards each other's emotions by showing and giving vivid gestures. It is best to not create any kind of suspicious behavior either it is to seek attention or to agitate over certain issues.
A relationship that lacks trust and time is likely to collapse in a brief period of time. Any kind of relationship demands these factors. Hence to erase such issues in a relationship, both the partners must have respect towards each other's emotions by showing and giving vivid gestures. It is best to not create any kind of suspicious behavior either it is to seek attention or to agitate over certain issues. Such reactions destroy the trust and will take time to gain it back. 
Substance abuse, alcohol addiction and financial problem are another major reason for unhealthy relationships. In these cases the one who is sober needs to give emotional support. However, it is best to approach counselors at an early stage for positive outcome. 
Family issues, age gaps and health issues are not major reasons for unhealthy relationships. However, these factors have also chances to paralyze a healthy relationship. Nevertheless to tackle such issues depends on the commitments of the partners. Relationships with such issues must work out in building confidence of the families. 
People with such relationship may notice lack of interest and frequent outbursts in anger when there are less physical contacts or the partners refuse to involve themselves frequently in such activities. One must not feel outraged if this is the kind of relationship one experiences. It is because as he or she builds their trust in their partners through physical contact they feel or become insecure when the partners refuse. However when such activities become quite often it may also burden the partner or may become addictive which may have adverse effect on health. Hence it may require consulting a doctor or a counselor to keep it balanced or they can also try to engage themselves with other fun activities. 
Romantic relationship
Image: Romantic relationship
Above all, commitment and respect for each other's emotion helps best to maintain a healthy and long lasting relationship. 

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