Anti-Covid Oral Drug 2-DG developed by DRDO launched

While India is facing a spike in the number of covid cases on an everyday basis accompanied by the rising number of deaths, the health sector witnesses a reason for relief for the covid patients

The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan along with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday rolled out the first batch of anti -COVID oral drug 2-DG. This drug is developed by the leading laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organization in collaboration with Dr Reddy's Laboratories in Hyderabad.
This drug was approved by The Drugs Controller General of India for treating moderate to severe coronavirus patients earlier this month.
The drug comes in powder form in a sachet and is taken orally by dissolving it in water.
Dr Akshay Budhraja, who is a pulmonologist practising at Akash HealthCare in Dwaraka where the trial of this drug took place, said something regarding it.
As said by Dr Budhraja, this drug is actually an anti-cancer drug, which if taken on time reduces the viral load, reduces oxygen requirement and the patient turn negative within 3/4 days of treatment.
"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have"-Winston Churchill.
As soon as this drug enters the body, it starts its operation on the infected cells. This drug is administered to patients admitted to hospitals only. The recovery takes place quickly and without complication. He expressed his hopefulness towards the availability of the drug within one or two weeks across India.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday rolled out the first batch of anti -COVID oral drug 2-DG
Image: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday rolled out the first batch of anti -COVID oral drug 2-DG
The trial of this drug was conducted only on patients between 18-64 years. It was not tried on pregnant women or the ones who were undergoing Immuno-suppression therapy.
A city pathologist explained to us the way about how this drug works in the human body.
Firstly he explained what actually the '2D Glucose' is. It is nothing but glucose, which is de-oxygenated at the Carbon 2 position of the glucose structure or the glucose ring. The 2D removes the oxygen in the 2nd Carbon position. We need glucose for energy. In the crape cycle, the energy is produced by the oxidization of glucose.
In the case of Covid, we need more oxygen because every food gets oxidated and O2 is required and as a result, energy is produced. In 2D Glucose, this cycle is abruptly stopped. Which means that the oxygen requirement lowers.
Before concluding, the doctor said that this is neither the cure for Covid nor a medicine but only helps in reducing oxygen consumption.

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