Anemia: Know what food should you eat to keep it at bay

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamin our body needs. It forms the red blood cells and synthesis of the DNA, which play an major role in our lives.

Food is an important source of vitamins and minerals. But at times, it fails to compensate our body with all the nutrients our body needs.
According to a Guwahati-based hematologist, deficiency of vitamin B12 causes Anemia. Vitamin B12 is one of the eight vitamins which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and the synthesis of  DNA, which helps in the smooth functioning of the nervous system.
Meat, cod fish, milk and dairy products are rich sources of vitamin B12. But at times, our diet lacks in supplying us with the proper quantity of Vitamin B12 our body needs.
In such a case, the patient suffers from a lack of vitamin B12 and shows many symptoms like tiredness, fatigue, rapid heartbeats, weight loss without exercise, feels confused and upset.
Lack of vitamin B12 for a prolonged period causes anaemia, which affects the body's nervous system in a long run.
Lack of vitamin B12 for a prolonged period causes anemia, which affects the body's nervous system in a long run.
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It is extremely important to notice that when a person suffers from anemia for a longer period, the skin and eyes start showing paleness. This paleness is a result of excessive production of a substance called bilirubin which is produced in the liver, which breaks down the old blood cells.
In connection with anemia, he said that the patient should do a blood test to check his/her blood count which will help in knowing the exact size and numbers of the red blood cells and their related pathology in detail, which eases the way of treatment.
Megaloblastic anemia is the most common form of anemia, which can be treated through blood transfusion and medication depending on its impact on the body. While doing a routine blood check-up, it is advised to keep track of the reticulocyte count in the blood.
As far as intake of food is concerned, taking more meat, dairy products can keep us away from such a problem. In case if a person is a follower of veganism, they can have food heaving yeast products, broccoli, sprouted peas and chickpeas but it is always advised to take the suggestion of a doctor before taking any kind of food or medication if any of such symptoms are visible.
Disclaimer: The information mentioned here is for general purposes only. Readers are advised to seek the help of medical help if any health issue arises.

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