A Letter to our Esteemed Readers

We feel the importance of having a full spectrum of different topics under our purview of health and wellness

<strong>Dr Rani Pathak Das</strong> - Editor-In-Chief, Fit Northeast
Dr Rani Pathak Das - Editor-In-Chief, Fit Northeast
Dear Readers,

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to Fit North East health and wellness news portal.

Here at Fit North East we are constantly brainstorming on how we can improve our coverage for the benefit of our esteemed readers.

We have a distinction between news, interviews and feature articles while trying to provide our viewers with write ups on different segments such as mental wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, community wellness, financial wellness, career wellness, sexual wellness and spiritual wellness.

We have a set of experienced contributors from all the states of the region who have been sending news and feature articles concerning the health and wellness sector. Apart from the segments for the eight northeastern states we have some other segments such as Vocal for Local, Covid-19, Tech and Gadgets.

We feel the importance of having a full spectrum of different topics under our purview of health and wellness that cater mainly to India's North East for a better understanding.

Each article at Fit North East is labelled accordingly as 'news article', 'feature article' and so on. These labels help our readers distinguish our news from features or editorials.

Keeping in terms with all media ethics, we remain transparent and do not advocate for any specific political ideology. We have set standards regarding publication of any article that might have socially harmful content. Therefore, we welcome any comments and critiques you might have as a reader.

We have a lot to work upon and add new features that our subscribers want. At present we are excited that you are here to see what the Fit North East team has been building during the past several months and to support us take the next steps.

As I have taken charge as the Editor very recently, from the beginning of this month, I am glad to further the mission of Fit North East.

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