A home flavour of institutional quarantine in Nagaland

This quarantine centre in Chizami Village with 14 bamboo huts almost substitutes like a vacation retreat

Chizami Village located in the densely forested Phek district of Nagaland has built a unique quarantine centre where inmates can engage in knitting, sketching and handicrafts. The state has mandated a 14 day compulsory institutional quarantine period for inbound air, road and rail passengers. The Chizami village quarantine centre consisting of 14 bamboo huts, a rainwater harvesting system, makeshift toilets and washrooms and a compost pit calls itself the 'home quarantine centre' as it has been designed to convey a reassuring and homely feel to the inmates. It is also aptly called the 'COVID-19 creativity hub'.
Inmates engage in knitting, sketching and handicrafts
It took about 200 volunteers from the village to construct the centre, which opened on 25 May. Ten days later, the village received the first batch of returnees. Incidentally no positive cases have been reported from this village until now.
Representative image
Image: Representative image

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